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Welcome to my web page. You'll find all sorts of cellular related items here, geared primarily for the Southern Ontario market. My cell phone reviews should be useful to anyone who can buy the specific models from their local providers. I've current reviewed phones by Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, Kyocera, Siemens, Samsung, Audiovox, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, LG, Sharp, and V-Tech. I have technical discussions on wide-ranging topics include TDMA vs CDMA vs GSM vs iDEN, as well as maps of all the cell sites for Telus PCS, Telus Mike, Bell Mobility, Rogers, Fido, Virgin Mobile, PC Telecom, Cityfone, and 7-11 Speakout Wireless.
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02-Dec-2013: Updated Rogers LTE Map
27-Nov-2013: Updated Bell/Telus LTE Map
13-Nov-2013: Read my Review of the Nexus 5
09-Nov-2013: Read my Review of the Sony Xperia Z1
09-Nov-2013: Read my Review of the Nokia Lumia 1020
08-Oct-2013: Read my Review the Loxcel Web Page


Site Locations via Google Maps


Bell/Telus HSPA

PCS Only


Bell/Telus LTE




Note: Virgin Mobile, Solo, and PC Telecom use the Bell Mobility network, while Fido, 7−11, Petro Canada, and Cityfone use the Rogers network.
See an archived map of Fido sites in the GTA:
1997 Original
2004 Map Before Rogers Took Over


Lots of Useful Information
Frequently asked questions. 28-Jun-2012 FAQ
Editorials. This is BIASED stuff. 28-Jun-2012 Editorials
Links to other cellphone-related web pages 19-Jan-2009 Links
Web Page Reviews 08-Oct-2012 Web Reviews
Information about Phone Reviewing 15-Apr-2004 Reviewing
Phone Reviews (large table with pictures) 13-Nov-2013 Phones
Phone Reviews (listed by manufacturer) 13-Nov-2013 Phone List
Phone Reviews (listed by technology) 13-Nov-2013 Phone by Tech
Accessory Reviews (large table with pictures) 03-Oct-2009 Accessories
My Experience with ICS on Rogers S II LTE 28-Jun-2012 ICS
What is UMTS? 05-Nov-2007 UMTS
Unlocking Your Phone 03-Mar-2003 Unlocking
How I Test RF Performance of Phones 14-Aug-2005 RF Performance
Audio Quality of Phones 15-Apr-2004 Audio Quality
Old Stuff
Cell IDs, PN Offsets, and Channel Numbers 09-Oct-2006 Cell IDs
Finding the Coordinates of an iDEN Site 30-Oct-2004 Coordinates
Echo Cancellers. Why we Need Them. 03-Mar-2003 Echo Cancellers
Technical background on digital technologies. 15-Apr-2004 Technologies
Learn more about the CDMA vs TDMA debate. 15-Apr-2004 CDMA vs TDMA
Learn how to use a number of GSM features. 07-Mar-2012 GSM Features
Discover how I located the sites. 15-Apr-2004 Finding Sites


Service Provider Home Pages
Fido Telus Mobility
Bell Mobility

Steve Punter's appearance on the CBC consumer show "Marketplace",
discussing phone reviews and this web page. From January of 2005.

Also Steve Punter's input on a story CTV News did on finding the right
cell phone plan for teenagers. From September 23rd, 2009.

I'd love to hear from you. If would like to make comments, or ask questions, then please drop me a line at Before you ask your question though, please check with my FAQ, as it might already contain the answer you seek.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT ask the following question: Have you reviewed or do you have any information about phone xxxx? If I've reviewed a phone, that review is online. If there is no review of the phone you are interested in, then I haven't tested it and I won't have any information to pass along to you. Also, I DO NOT recommend individual phones. Please read the reviews and make up your own minds based on what I say about the features that interest you.

The background image you see on this page is a former Telus PCS site at Eglinton and Highway 403 in Mississauga. It has since been replaced by a taller metal monopole a little to the north.

Recent Changes:

13-Nov-2013 Added my review of the Google Nexus 5
09-Nov-2013 Added my review of the Sony Xperia Z1
09-Nov-2013 Added my review of the Nokia Lumia 1020
03-Nov-2013 Updated Rogers LTE Maps
08-Oct-2013 Added my review of the Loxcel Web Page
29-Aug-2013 Added my review of the Motorola Moto X
19-Jul-2013 Added my review of the BlackBerry Q10
04-Jul-2013 Update Rogers LTE and Bell Mobility/Telus LTE Maps
01-Jul-2013 Added my review of the Nokia Lumia 520
26-Apr-2013 Added my review of the Samsung Galaxy S4
26-Apr-2013 Added my review of the HTC One
06-Dec-2012 Added my review of the Samsung Rugby LTE
05-Nov-2012 Added my review of the LG Optimus G
05-Nov-2012 Added Bell/Telus LTE MAP
03-Nov-2012 Update Rogers LTE Maps with new Coverage Locations
28-Oct-2012 Added my review of the Huawei Ascend P1
28-Jun-2012 Added my take on the ICS upgrade for the Rogers S II LTE
16-Jun-2012 Added Review of the Samsung Galaxy S III (LTE)
01-May-2012 Added Review of the HTC One X (LTE)
21-Apr-2012 Added Review of the Sony Xperia S


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